Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Friday: Stay Home

We moved our little family from a big city, where I resided for nearly 12 years, out to the country, just over two months ago, and one thing we have done a lot more of since our move is stay home! We are at least 15-20 minutes from most things, and about 40 minutes from everything else. ;) Our trips for "just one thing" are practically nonexistent. "Just one thing" is not important enough to spend $5 or more in gas to get. Staying home also keeps us from eating out, and from making unnecessary purchases "just because." Since we don't go out as much, we have found many enjoyable (free or almost free) things to preoccupy ourselves with at home. Some of these include:

  • Reading more, which also leads us into interesting conversations.
  • Spend time with Ben's family, who live half a mile down the road from us. These visits often involve coffee (not for me, though; can't stand the stuff) and cookies, which brings me to my next item.
  • Baking, especially cookies. These are our favorites.
  • Playing music. Between us all there are two guitarists, two violinists, one cellist, one penny whistle player, and one flutist (that is me). We have frequent evening "jam sessions" at our place, as the boys like to call them. They have actually composed several pieces of music together.
  • Playing games. The boys have a couple games they play on the computer together; I usually stick to board games or cards, though I occasionally indulge them and join in on a computer game.
  • Cleaning. My house is generally much cleaner, now that I spend much more time there.
  • Writing. I have wanted to blog frequently for a while, and now that I am home (or at my home away from home, the family farm), it actually happens.
  • Enjoying my baby. I love getting down on the floor and playing with toys with Katie, or snuggling up with her on the sofa, or sticking her in the sling and having her snuggled up to me so we can "talk" while I go about doing things in the home. What a precious season; Katie won't be a baby forever, and what joy it brings me to be able to enjoy her at home!
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  1. I agree. Staying home is one of the best ways to avoid excess and unnecessary spending. And it really encourages placing the focus on family relationships and personal growth.

    I'm new to Frugal Friday and to your blog, but I am enjoying the spirit of both.

  2. I started staying home alot more since the beginning of this year. Its amazing how much less money I'm spending and how much more I get accomplished. My husband and I try to have "dinner and a movie" on friday nights at home. I'll cook and we'll watch something on Netflix instead of going out and spending $20+ in one night. Great post!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your baby! Our youngest is turning 1 in a couple of weeks. They grow up so fast. I love just sitting on the floor with him and helping him explore things. What a great way to spend your time.