Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home again!

 Katie and I pulled in the driveway just before 3 o'clock this afternoon. We had a wonderful visit in North Carolina with my Grandparents. I have always been very close to my Grandma and it brings me such joy to see my precious baby girl (who bears my Grandma's name) with her. It was great to take a few days away and enjoy time with family, but as always, it's good to be back home (and, I really missed Ben!). Here are a few photos from the trip:


My Great Aunt June, Katie, and Grandma

Katie enjoying some Tupperware. Who needs expensive toys? :)

My happy baby showing off her adorable pearly whites! That smile melts this mama's heart.

On another note,  while I was gone, a package arrived containing something I am quite excited about. I am still figuring it all out, but hope to have a post about it next week!

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