Monday, November 9, 2009

Restoring Order: Day 1 Results

So, as it turns out, my list was a wee bit too ambitious. But, I did make it through most of it, and have enjoyed a nice, clean kitchen today! Now, to be diligent about keeping it clean... :) Below is the list and what I got to, followed by pictures.

::Wash all dishes
::Put all clean dishes away.
::Clean out under the sink
::Organize tupperware cabinet (does your tupperware fall out when you open that cabinet up?)
::Clean the microwave out
::Clean the burners on the stove
::Clean out refrigerator
::Sweep and mop

I decided to leave the tupperware cabinet undone in favor of doing the things that are visible. I started to get to the burners, and when I realized what a disaster they were (not a disaster made by me--previous tenants were very irresponsible), I knew it would not be a project I could get done in the remainder of Katie's naptime.

As for the pictures...once I took them, I wondered what I was thinking in offering to share them, but alas...



I am scheduling tomorrow's post to go up in the wee hours of the morning. The plan for tomorrow is to do the living area and main bathroom. 

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