Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Caroling

Last night lots of the folks from our church got together to go Christmas caroling in the surrounding neighborhood. Due to a series of events we were pretty late and only caught the tail end, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The warm (in more ways than one) fellowship at church afterwords certainly was the icing on the cake. And, Katie stayed cozy and looked SO cute in her marshmallow-like snowsuit. (I wish I had a picture!)

Christmas caroling is a wonderful, and free, way to be a blessing to your neighbors during this season (and a frugal, fun way of blessing people is definitely a finer thing!). It adds a bit of cheer to their evening, and if you choose Scriptural songs, it can give them some food for thought, reminding them of the Christ of Christmas and spreading the good news of His gospel. There are even some great Christmas-themed gospel tracts you could give them. I went out caroling several years ago with some friends in Florida, and we went through a little skit at each door that clearly explained the gospel. You could go out with just your family, or get together with other families from your church.

However you decide to do it, here are some things to remember:
-Bring the words for the songs you want to sing! You might think you have them memorized, but it's better safe than sorry.
-Bring a flashlight or lantern so you can see the words. It's good to have at least one for every two people, we found.
-Be sure to dress warm. Walking around in the freezing cold gets old if you're not bundled up. Something to keep your fingers warm is nice (especially if you're pushing a stroller and can't use your pockets!), as well as something for your ears.
-Wear comfy shoes
-Bake some goodies and make hot chocolate to share with your fellow carolers when you're finished.
-And last, don't get offended when people don't want to listen to you! It's their loss, and there are plenty of other houses to stop at. :)

Consider adding Christmas caroling to your family's holiday traditions. It is sure to create special memories over the years, and could very well brighten up the holidays for someone who is otherwise not having a very merry Christmas.

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