Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day: Results

Above are the results of my freezer cooking day.

::2 loaves of pumpkin bread (the third is almost gone!),
::2 batches of Farmhouse Chicken (made with turkey; I also added some cooked carrots to the mix, and used a 6 oz. package of stuffing instead of 12 oz.). These are in the 8x8 square dish, and the round covered one.
::2 dozen corn muffins (minus the one I ate...)
::2 dozen banana crumb muffins (minus the two I ate...I hadn't had breakfast, so I munched a little while cooking!). They turned out a wee bit on the flat side this time...not sure if it's because I put more bananas, or if it's from using coconut oil instead of butter. In any case, they still taste good.
::2 batches of turkey tetrazzini, split up into three one-gallon freezer bags

I made it through my whole list, except the dinner rolls. I got started this morning right after Ben left for work (just after 9) and finished after 1. By that time, Katie had spent enough of her day in her high chair and exersaucer, so I decided to call it a day and play with my baby girl. I think the dinners I made will last us about 10 meals, and the muffins/pumpkin breads should last us lots of breakfast, coupled with scrambled eggs or alone.

If I can talk my sister-in-law into coming over and helping with Katie, I might actually try to do a full month of dinners next month. That will require more planning ahead and time cooking, of course, but I think it may just be worth it! I guess we'll see what happens. :)

I'm way late in getting this up...most people put theirs up yesterday evening. If you head over to Crystal's blog, there are 70 people with links up to their freezer cooking day posts. You should check it out for some inspiration if you're interested in trying it.

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  1. I love farmhouse chicken! you were quite ambitious!