Saturday, December 5, 2009

Katie feeds herself now

and absolutely loves it! I still feed her her oatmeal, but fruits and veggies I cut up and she feeds herself. It makes quite a mess sometimes, but it really buys me a lot of time. I can do things in the kitchen while she eats, and it takes her quite a while. A new found favorite is avocado (which she is eating in the above picture). The organic ones (the haas variety) were on sale this week, so we decided to try it, and she has been eating half of one at a time. She also enjoys baked sweet potatoes and bananas a lot. Crunchier things like apples, I put in the mesh feeder.

It amazes me how fast my baby is growing up. She just turned 9 months old last week and she's got four teeth now, and two more are about to break through. She's cruising quite a bit now, and babbling up a storm. What a precious gift from the Lord she is. I just love being her mama.


  1. How cute! I love that my son, Henry, 11 months, is eating by himself now too! It does save me quite a bit of time, especially with a 2 week old baby to care for as well!

  2. How sweet it's a big help once they get more independent. Miss you much!