Thursday, December 17, 2009

Using spare moments

Something I have had to train myself to do, especially since becoming a mother, is to wisely use little spurts of time I get to clean. For example this morning, we started to leave the house right after breakfast, before I had a chance to clean up the breakfast dishes. I had Katie and the diaper bag ready to go, and was waiting by the door when hubby headed to the bathroom with a book. ;)

My first response was to sit down with Katie and wait. My second response was to put Katie in her exersaucer (a gift from my Grandpa, which we love!) and try to wash a few dishes. Much to my surprise, in the few minutes Ben was in the bathroom, I was able to put away all the dishes in the dish drain from yesterday AND wash most of the breakfast dishes (I made muffins, so there was a bit of a mess). I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that I was able to leave my kitchen mostly clean instead of a disaster.

I definitely need to remember to use moments like this more often. After all, during this busy (though incredibly wonderful) season of life as a new mom, there's just about always something in my house that can be done. And if I work efficiently, these tasks often take a lot less time than I expect they will. Why put off 'til later what can be done in just a couple minutes right now?

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