Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cherish every second

Ashleigh at YLCF has an excellent post up today called "Because Then They are Big". I really think it's one every mama of young children could benefit from reading. She wrote it when reflecting on the second birthday of her oldest son. Here's an excerpt:
I know when this little guy is tall enough for me to rest my head on his shoulder, I’ll be thinking back to his sweet little smile and when he said, “Yes man!” instead of, “Yes ma’am!” I’m praying I don’t look back and regret spending too much unnecessary time at that stove or running errands or, most definitely, on the computer. That I have plenty of memories of books read, crafts and messes made, times of training, and lots of those great big smiles.

Going into my oldest’s third year of life, I’m realizing that what every parent has always said is only too true–time does indeed fly by. So I’m going to make the most of this next year with my little guys, cherishing every little second. Because there’s nothing I would rather do.
What she says in this post definitely rings true to me. Even though I don't have a little guy, and my one little girl is just 10 months old, the principles behind what she says remain. I would hate to look back when these precious years of raising my girl are over and wish I had spent more time with her and less time doing other things.

When good things get in the way of the best things (like mothering my precious gift from God), they are idols. May God engrave this truth on my heart so I too will cherish every little second with my daughter. Because, like Ashleigh, there's really nothing I would rather do.

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