Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing sweet potatoes

Katie enjoying a sweet potato. 
She LOVES feeding herself, and the cleanup really isn't as bad as it looks. ;)

One of Katie's favorite foods (and yes, I let her eat it with her fingers!) is sweet potatoes, and organic sweet potatoes have been priced decently at our local Kroger for most of the fall. I prefer not to bake just one at a time, but depending on the size, she only eats half of one. My Grandma told me they freeze well, so I tried it and have had much success. I bake up several (425* for about an hour). Once they cool, I cut them in half, wrap each half in foil, and place them in a freezer bag. If I take one out in the morning, it's thawed out in the fridge by afternoon, and I can pop it in the oven for a few minutes to reheat it for her and it tastes just like a freshly baked sweet potato.

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  1. When she's ready to experiment with finger foods, you can bake them about halfway, dice and freeze. It's a super easy snack on the go or when you're in a pinch at home.

  2. Ok, but now what I really want to know is what are your best tips for getting that bright orange OUT of baby clothes?? :)

  3. Ha! :D Shout gel does the trick. Usually, though, she has a bib on.

  4. wow she looks so cute! a cute mess