Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday Fails: Kitchen Blunders

I am pretty frugal and try to use our grocery money wisely. I am also guilty of not throwing away things I should, whether it's leftovers left too long or something we just plain don't like. Unfortunately a couple of the dishes I chose for November and December freezer cooking just weren't good. One was the turkey tetrazzini. I didn't know to cook the pasta less time than the package called for, so once I baked it, it was mushy. In fact, just thinking about the consistency makes me want to gag (I think my memories of it are worse than the actual experience of eating it, truthfully).

Today, I was able to score a lot of great deals at Kroger (NOT a fail! :). But, this required getting rid of the freezer fails to make room for good stuff in my freezer. Plus, February's freezer cooking is right around the corner and I'm hoping to fill my freezer with some "fast" food. So, as painful as it was, I had to throw away 3 quart bags and 1 gallon bag of food from my freezer and (ahem) the leftovers from my freezer fails that were STILL in my fridge. And yes, I did just say that out loud. Keeping it real, folks!

And, then there's the pot full of water in my bathroom (not THAT pot). I thought it had been washed when Ben and his brother helped me clean up after a family gathering at our house. When I went to put it away a few days later (fail #1), I took the lid off and the lovely stink told me I was mistaken about the state of its cleanliness. It's my big stock pot and it's too big to wash in my kitchen sink, so I rinsed it in the bathtub and put the lid on. And left it there (fail #2) and (ahem) there it sits.

At least I never claimed to be a perfect homemaker, and since one of my original desires in this blog was to share both my struggles and my triumps, there you have it. Just keeping it real folks!

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  1. Life doesn't go as planned sometimes...but I like it that way :)

  2. It sure doesn't. So glad to serve a Sovereign God Who's in control of it all!

  3. found your blog while searching for reviews for Samaritan Ministrie's... we are possibly going to be signing up. Having a hard time deciding! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Oh I've had some unsuccessful freezer cooking too. Not fun, but good learning experiences :)