Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not what my hands have done

Not what my hands have done
Can save my guilty soul;
Not what my toiling flesh has borne
Can make my spirit whole.
Not what I feel or do
Can give me peace with God;
Not all my prayers,
And sighs and tears
Can bear my awful load.

For the rest of the words, go here.

One hymn we have sung regularly during family worship lately is Not What My Hands Have Done. What an excellent reminder of my inability to save my self, and of the importance of complete reliance on Christ as our only hope. Were it not for His grace, I would stand before God guilty, bearing the full weight of my sin. Nothing I can do can make up for my guilt before a holy God, having violated His laws repeatedly and intentionally more times than I could ever count. All my own works deserve is God's eternal judgment.

May God help me to constantly think on what Christ has done on my behalf and live in light of the overwhelming debt He has forgiven.

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