Saturday, January 9, 2010

Super Savings Saturday: Manager Specials

I absolutely love our local Kroger. They consistently have great markdowns/manager specials on organic & natural products, including produce. My only regret for this week was that I didn't have coupons to go with the markdowns. ;) I was able to get several really good deals this week. Today, we are at my in-laws' farm because our pipes froze and we have no running water, and I forgot to take a picture before we left, so you'll just have to picture the lovely deals in your mind's eye.

The highlight of the week was 12 pounds of organic apples for about $0.60/lb. We have enjoyed some fried apples, as well as some yummy muffins (recipe to come). If you have any great apple recipes, please pass them along!

Some other good deals:
$0.89 for naturally sweetened, whole wheat graham cracker crusts
$1.29 for a can of organic pumpkin
$1.79 for boxes of organic, free range chicken broth
$1.50 for aluminum free baking soda (didn't know regular baking soda had aluminum until recently!)
$0.49/bag for fresh cranberries (this actually wasn't this week; it was over the holidays, but it was such a good deal I wanted to mention it!)
$0.69 for all natural (no hydrogenated oil) white chocolate coating (going to make chocolate covered pretzels for a lady's gathering Monday)
$0.99 for all natural chocolate coating 
$1.79 for a bag of flax meal
$1.09 for a large can of diced tomatoes
$1/can for organic cream soups
$0.69 for a can of organic kidney beans
$2.79 for a 14 oz. jar of organic coconut oil

It was a lot of fun to go through the carts of natural products and finding things we could use, including some fun treats, for such reasonable prices! I might have to be creative to use some of these items, so be on the lookout for some new recipes int he coming weeks. :)

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  1. I can hardly wait to go grocery shopping with you while you are here visiting. The simple things in life are so rewarding:) Love you so much. You are my sunshine. Mom

  2. Oh.. Dr. Doshi, who was on the radio show this morning, brought a huge avocado that came from her garden. It's organic. Yummy for Katie.