Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Savings Saturday


God was gracious yesterday when I went grocery shopping and really stretched my grocery money farther than I was expecting! Kroger is running a lot of good sales right now and coupled with coupons,I was able to get some great deals. Some of the highlights:

::2 8oz. blocks of cheese, $0.99 each
::2 bags Chex Mix, $0.49 each
::2 5 packs of BPA Free Ziploc containers, $1.75 each
::Steamfresh broccoli florets, $0.99
::Steamfresh Dinner for 2, $3.49
::Toaster Strudels, $0.49 each
::Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, $0.99 per bag
::3 Boxes of General Mills cereal, FREE 
::Giant Hershey Bars, $0.50 each
::2 cans Hunt's whole tomatoes, $0.49 each
::Organic Bananas, $0.59/lb.

Total Spent: $45.73
Total Saved: $54.35

A lot of the items on the list are things we would not normally buy (like Toaster Strudels, Hershey Bars, and Chex Mix!), but I was able to get them very inexpensively, and we are OK with the occasional not-so-healthy treat as long as most of our diet is made up of nourishing, healthy foods.

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  1. Great savings! I also picked up some Toaster Strudel at Publix yesterday. They're one of my daughters' favorite treats and, with sale price and coupons, I think I paid about 15 cents per box.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What great deals! The BPA free bags sound terrific. I also love the organic deals that you found! I adore Kroger; I wish there was one in my town. The closest one is about an hour away and we can only visit on the way to my midwife's. I love their affordable prices on organic foods.Blessings!