Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Muddy Fail

After spending most of the day at the farm this past Tuesday, we decided at the last minute to have my in-laws over for homemade pizza. My sister-in-law, Hannah, agreed to come over before everyone else to help me get the meal ready.

The driveway at the farm is about 1/3 of a mile and is also unpaved. We have had quite a bit of snow/sleet/rain in the past several weeks. It's melting now, resulting in thick, cold disgusting mud all over the place, including the driveway. As we set off, I got my trusty Volvo station wagon stuck in some of the thickest, gooeyest looking mud I've seen. Not wanting to run in the house through the almost-freezing rain, I decided to honk the horn and hope someone would come out. A minute or so later, my husband and his brother came running across the yard to rescue Hannah, Katie, and I from the mud.

When they got to the car, I got out so Ben could get it unstuck. The tires were spinning and I was standing pretty close to the car so he suggested I move, which I did. He had some trouble getting our car out, so Sam decided to push it some. Once Sam gave it a shove, the car sped right out of the mud, and I quickly learned I had not backed up enough. I got splattered in mud, literally, from hood-covered head to cloth-shoe-covered toe on my left side (I guess wearing cloth shoes was a secondary fail, come to think of it!). Major fail!

And as a little side note: My mind thinks in terms of blogging, so as soon as I got over the shock of being muddy, one of my first thought was "This would make the perfect Friday fail." So, I went around my house in my muddy clothes trying to find the camera to get a picture to go with this post, only to find out the camera was at the farm. Alas--I'm sure you can picture it somewhat in your mind's eye. ;)

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  1. Good grief!! I can picture it already:)

  2. Oh my! Mud can really fly can't it. I'm sorry that happened but the mental picture is so funny. :)

  3. After the initial shock, I couldn't help but chuckle myself. :)

  4. That's hilarious! I mean I'm sure it is now!

    E and I had a similar experience yesterday that I'm going to share on Friday. It's SO funny!

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails!