Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Savings Saturday: Quality Meats

High quality meats are a high priority at our house. If you've ever seen Food, Inc., you probably have vivid mental images as to why. In fact, I very rarely buy any meat at the grocery store aside from nitrate free sausage and organic, free range eggs. Lately, we have been eating mostly ground venison which my in-laws have been kind enough to share with us. Commercially raised meats are all-too-often filled with hormones and antibiotics, and fail to provide the same nutritional content of meat from properly raised animals.

That said, I was thrilled to see my grocery store had some hormone/antibiotic free beef on Manager Special this week. I was also quite happy to see they have started carrying organic, free range chicken for only $2.50 per pound at regular price. I snatched up some of each. While both the beef and the chicken were much more expensive than regular, commercially raised meats, the high price is definitely worth it to me. I was quite thankful the Lord provided some higher quality (though not perfect) meat for us this week at a reasonable price. I was also able to get some fresh organic garlic on Manager Special for $0.69, but that seemed slightly incidental compared to the meat. :)

While I love a good deal and the thrill of saving more than I spend at the grocery store, I love even more providing quality, nourishing foods for my family, especially when I can get them at great prices! Be sure to look around at the Manager's Specials and/or reduced for quick sale items at your grocery store. I know at the Kroger I shop at, they often have natural/organic products reduced for excellent prices. The meat, of course, can be frozen or cooked right away to avoid it going to waste. I try to stay flexible with my meal plan and alter it to include items I get at an unexpected great price, too.

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  1. What a great deal! I found some natural chicken wings a few weeks ago for something like 70 cents per pound but that is a rare occurrence where we live!