Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Goals: March Update

::Daily devotions. This is going much better. Though I'm still not at the point where it's first thing every morning before Katie wakes up, it has been happening at some point most days, and for that, I'm thankful!

::Memorize the book of John. I have memorized through John 1:18.
::Complete a Home Management Binder. I have made some progress in this. I have a schedule and cleaning schedule written out, and am working on a meal planning section. Look for more on this later this month.

::Lose weight. I have not lost a pound yet this year. It's frustrating, and the only reason is my lack of motivation. I have a plan though, and will be posting it on Friday, for some extra public accountability. I am beginning to feel somewhat anxious about getting rid of these Katie pounds--it is certainly well past time.
::Improve the quality of our food. This is going well. We are eating almost all organic, or at least hormone/antibiotic free when it comes to meat. I have started buying nonhomogenized milk, and some raw organic cheese. Additionally, I have experimented some with soaking my grains.
::Finish 6 classes. I am almost finished with two, leaving me with four to finish during the rest of the year. I should have these two done in the coming weeks.

::Get on a budget, set aside an emergency fund, pay off debt. My husband's business has been pretty slow lately, so compiling an emergency fund is not progressing very quickly. We are doing pretty well with keeping our spending under control, but still don't have our exact budget figured out yet.

So, that's it so far. I haven't had as much success as I had hoped, but some is better than none, I do suppose. How are you progressing on your 2010 goals?


  1. I am interested in the home management binder...what's in it? Is there a sample out there somewhere in the blogging world?

  2. I'm pregnant and keep reading to stay away from un-pasteurized cheeses and milk. Are non-homogenized products generally un-pasteurized as well? I'm not very clear on that.

    Also if you don't mind sharing, I'd love to see a post about your grocery budget and how you have found room in it to purchase higher quality foods. I utilize coupons and sales but still feel like my grocery budget is too high even without purchasing organic foods.