Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kitchen Tip: Dry Dishes in the Sink

We have a dishwasher, but I still do a lot of our dishes by hand. I actually kind of enjoy washing dishes (gasp!), and I like having most of the dishes clean. It takes a long time for our little family to fill up the whole dish washer. And, I hate running it if it's not full.

I have a dish drain from IKEA and I love it! However, sometimes I run out of room, and it's not big enough for my bigger pots and pans. The solution my sister-in-law suggested?

Clean dishes drying in the sink
Drying the dishes in the sink. She was helping me with dishes one day and did that, and I thought it was brilliant. I do it at least a couple times per day now. I just use one side of the sink for washing and the other side for drying. Plus, I use the hottest water my sink will allow and it helps the dishes dry pretty quickly, because the water evaporates.

So tell me, am I the last person in the world to figure this out?

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  1. My mom handwashes dishes and then dries them in the dishwasher with the door opened so the air can get to them. More drying space than a counter dish rack and they are out of your way.

  2. :) I enjoy washing dishes too, I have used dish washers before and I'm not a fan of them. although ask me again in 10 years when I (Lord willing) have a bunch of children running around!

    I have always put the dishes in the other sink, but when I married my husband he didn't like it that I didn't use a dish drainer. So now I use a dish drainer in the other sink. I actually like it much better that way. :)

  3. I do the same thing and have since we moved into this house five years ago. It works well and they are out of the way until you get time to put them away!

  4. We usually run our dishwasher at least twice (often three times) a day - but there are still things that need to be hand-washed. I never use a dish drainer/rack because they take up too much space in my galley-style kitchen. I always just plop the dishes upside down in the other sink (or on a towel on the chopping block if I have a lot to hand wash).

  5. I hate the look of dishes in the sink - unless they are clean ones drying! Makes it all better!

  6. [lol] Maybe not the last... But pretty close. ;)