Friday, March 5, 2010

Losing It Challenge

A week late, I've decided to join in on the Losing it Challenge, hosted by Giving Up On Perfect. A year after Katie's birth, I don't think I can blame her for the high number on the scale anymore, and I really have to do something about it. For my health, to be as attractive as I can be for my husband, and because if the Lord gives us another baby, I don't want to gain another 40 pounds on top of the weight I have yet to lose. I'm not so much joining in for the possible prizes as I am for the accountability. So, I'll be checking in with how I've done and (hopefully) weight lost every Friday.

Here is my plan:
::No sweets, period, as of today. Hold me to this, y'all. Sweets are my downfall. I'm also going to avoid white flours--the only exception would be if we were invited to someone's house for a meal and they served something like spaghetti, where the refined flour couldn't be avoided.
::I am going to limit my intake of grains and carbs in general, and focus on eating healthy fats/proteins and vegetables. I am not committing to a complete grain elimination because I am still nursing and want to make sure my milk supply doesn't diminish.
::Do something for exercise six days per week. Maybe I'll do the Shred, or maybe I'll go on a walk with Katie if the weather permits. But, something. My day off will be Sunday.

What have y'all done to get rid of post-pregnancy pounds?


  1. Congratulations on your decision to join the Challenge. Accountability is so helpful! My second child was diagnosed with a milk allergy and milk-induced colitis around 4 months of age (last summer). I was nursing him, so coming off milk and soy products caused me to lose weight relatively quickly...I never realized how much milk and soy I eat ...I have a weakness for anything cheesy or rich and creamy not to mention mint choco chip ice cream! I also began an exercise program called P90 with my husband. We worked out together most nights for about 45-60 minutes. But when the weather cooperates I also enjoy going on walks with my kids. We also joined WW and counted points. I have 8 pounds remaining before I reach my goal weight and my son will be one in 2 more wks. I am excited about my progress especially because I never lost all the weight after having my daughter (first child).

    I hope you will see great results and feel energized by your efforts! Also, I have just begun following your blog and I really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing with all of us! Have a great wkend!

  2. Kelly gives a lot of great tips:

    Good luck on giving up sweets! I recently gave up sweets for 30 days. I would blend strawberries (50 cals per cup) with a little almond milk (lower cal than milk) and 1 tsp xantham gum. The xantham gum gave it a super creamy texture.

  3. I just finished the shred last week and really enjoyed doing it. It was tough at first but I got to where I looked forward to doing it in the evenings. :-) I didn't do it so much to lose the weight (since I didn't have a problem losing my post baby pounds) as to work on flattening my stomach and getting my ab muscles back together after having a baby. I definitely noticed an improvement. I also know someone who lost quite a bit of weight by doing the shred and watching her diet...

    ~ Carrie ~

  4. I would recommend the Thirty Day Shred. I finished it recently and I thought it was a great workout program.

  5. I don't have baby weight to shed (yet!) but I want to say that I joined Weight Watchers for a few months last year and saw significant weight loss with it. There are lots of places where you can go online and figure out how many points you need to eat for your age/weight/breastfeeding etc without having to pay for the membership as well as how many points most foods are. Even when I thought I was eating healthily, I realized I was eating way too many "points" so its definitely an eye-opener.

  6. I'm so glad you are joining us! I'm in the process of loosing baby weight too so I know what your are going though. You are awesome for giving up sweets! Will you share some of your will power with me? :-)

  7. I am right there with you on this one! Having had 2 babies in one year, my figure is completely gone!!! Thanks for informing us about this challenge!

  8. Good for you Mary Jo. I will be praying for your success on the plan. Love you, Tania

  9. There is a free program that is just like Weight Watchers called Spark People.

    I may be joining you as all this baking and winter weather and stuck indoors has not done any good thing to my waist!



  10. I'm still losing baby weight and my baby is 15 months! So I'm there too. One thing that has helped me is to count calories. It can feel overwhelming at times, but I'm always surprised just how quickly I'll pop something into my mouth before I realize I didn't really need those "empty" calories.

    And then always getting some cardio will definitely help lose the weight. Like my husband says, "Keep it up and you'll get results!"

  11. I've just had baby #4, she is 5 months, so just may not be accurate :0) After all my babies, I generally just try to eat healthier, cut out the sweets (I'm a bake goods nut) and substitute sweets with fruit or pop corn.
    The other part is just activity, and not just going for a walk with the kids, but sustained, heart rate lifting activity - ie running around with the kids.
    Those two changes with nursing generally bring great results quickly.
    GOod luck!!

  12. Yay! I'm so glad you're joining us! Sweets are my downfall . . . but then again, so are salty foods. :) Good luck this week! I know you'll do great!!

  13. So glad you're joining the challenge! We're cheering you on!