Friday, March 19, 2010

Losing It, pt. 3

This week was not quite as exciting as last week in my Losing It Challenge. The scale didn't drop a single pound (which means I didn't either...). However, I am feeling quite good, and exercising is going well. Tomorrow after I jog with my sis-in-law, that will make 5 days this week. I can already tell I'm more in shape than I was. I let more carbs creep in this week, which I think is why I didn't lose any more weight. Thankfully, they were healthy carbs, so I didn't gain any back!

So, as of this week, I am still down 4.2% of my weight.


  1. Great work! You're doing well--maintaining is always better than going up!

  2. I've heard adding some sort of helps to make your muscles more efficient, and thus burn more calories in the longrun:) Keep it up! Love, Mom.

  3. That's a lot of running! Keep up the good work!!

    (And I don't suppose you'd consider the mashed potatoes my dad made last night - with milk and butter - a healthy carb? No? Hmmm. Well, I couldn't very well turn them down...or my mom's fried chicken. *sigh* Dinner at my parents' isn't so good for the diet!) :)