Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Million Arrows: Book Review

Will the world change our children...or will our children change the world? Time is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is inviting our families to become part of a bigger story—a vision that will engage hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is an inspirational call to raise our kids to impact their culture, community, and world for Christ. If we want our kids to discover their purpose, if we want them to live with passion for the Kingdom, if we want our family to go down in His-Story, accept the mission...and leave a mark for eternity.

Nothing is more important to me than raising my child(ren) to advance Christ's kingdom and impact our culture and the world at large for His glory. If I succeed at anything in my life, I hope it is raising Katie unto that end. Lord willing, she (and any other children the Lord may see fit to give us) is my legacy. She and her children after her can advance Christ's glorious gospel long after I am gone.

One Million Arrows does an excellent job of encouraging parents to that end. One of my favorite chapters had stories from several parents who successfully raised godly children. They shared things that worked well for their families, and I think we will probably try some of their suggestions out with our little family.

One of the main gentleman in this book is Papa, an Indian man who has devoted his life to rescuing children from the slums of India and raising them up to serve Christ and bring the gospel back to their villages. He has started several churches, hospitals, and schools. He has made it his life goal to send out one million arrows for Christ. His example is one Christians should follow. If the Church as a whole would educate the next generation, rather than leaving the educational system to the government, I believe it would change the course of our nation dramatically.

There was some content I did not agree with in One Million Arrows. One of the chapters seemed to indicate the reason we ought to raise godly children and send them out to preach the gospel to all nations is so the world could end and we could get to Heaven sooner. We advance the gospel unto the glory of God because we're commanded to--not because we can get something out of it. In addition, some problematic ministries were endorsed, such as those of Bill Bright and Billy Graham. I believe these men propogated serious error; their message was lacking in the absolute necessity of repentance in the life of a Christian.

Over all, though, I certainly enjoyed and was very encouraged by this book. It was a relatively easy and quick read that packed quite a bit of punch. I would certainly encourage parents to read it. As with any book, with discernment and apply what is biblical to your life. On the One Million Arrows website is much helpful information and lots of resources for raising your own children as well as helping those who are raising orphans for Christ in other countries.

The first chapter can be previewed for free, and the book is available for sale on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of One Million Arrows for review. I was not compensated in any way to write this review and the opinions in it are mine. This post does contain an affiliate link.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I appreciate your honest opinions about some of your concerns. I love checking in each day to see what you are up to:) God Bless You! Love. Mom