Friday, April 9, 2010

Laundry Fail

Why do my fails always have to reflect poorly on my homemaking abilities? (Don't answer that, y'all)

Last week, I got behind on laundry. So, Monday morning, I sorted the huge mountain pile of dirty clothes and got a load going. It was a beautiful day, perfect for hanging out clothes (we don't have a dryer). But, Wednesday morning? The clothes were still in the washing machine. And, they smelled a little iffy, so I washed them again.

I am sorry (and somewhat embarrassed!) to admit that Friday afternoon, they are still there. *blush*

I could list all my excuses (how we've been away from home a lot this week, how I'm scared of getting stung by a bee at the clothes line...), or I reckon I could just admit that I was lazy with my laundry and failed big time.

The sun is shining beautifully this afternoon, so hopefully I'll only have to wash the same load one more time before I can hang it out to dry (and get the other 3 or 4 loads washed--and dried!). Katie and I are making a trip to Florida next week, and--ahem--we need to bring clothes with us, so I truly don't have much choice!

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  1. I end up doing this quite often... luckily I don't have to wash them again every time but sometimes they do have that weird odor so back into the wash they go!

  2. Whew! This post makes me feel SO much better about the two weeks worth of laundry that has been sitting in various clean and dirty piles between the bedroom and the laundry room. My poor husband keeps dropping hints like "Gee...guess I'm going to have to buy some more black socks..."

  3. LOL... Just bring your dirty clothes to Florida. I'll help you with them:) LOL Just couldn't resist saying that. Love you. Mom

  4. Oh yeah, I've done that before. It makes me so mad because it's such a waste of water...but sometimes life if just too busy for me to keep up :)