Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan, April 5-11

Amazing that another week has come and gone already! We had a busy week last week, hence my quieter-than-usual blogging week. I missed the blogosphere, but sometimes it's nice to step back for a week and have a break of sorts. :) I'm excited to hop back in this week, though!

Here's what's cookin' this week at the Murch house.

Breakfasts: eggs with sausage or bacon and toast, quiche, smoothies (coconut milk, yogurt, and fruit), breakfast casserole
Lunches: grilled cheese with tomato soup, Annie's mac and cheese with meat, pintos and cheese with cornbread, quesadillas, salad with hard boiled eggs
Snacks: fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt

Monday~My Grandma's Chicken Tetrazzini (look for the recipe this week!), steamed veggies
Tuesday~Chili, cornbread, coleslaw
Wednesday~burgers with homemade buns, fries, and coleslaw
Thursday~whole wheat pizza, salad
Saturday~brown bag burritos
Sunday~with family and the farm

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