Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We made it!

Katie and I made it home safely yesterday, and we were both so happy to see Ben again! I think he missed us too. :)

We did have a wonderful visit in Florida. I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with a godly parents. I enjoy their company so much, and getting to spend time with them is really wonderful. The week flew by, and was quite eventful (especially this part!). In addition to enjoying a lot of extra time with my parents, I was able to spend time with a few good friends (including my sweet friend in the hospital), and really enjoyed catching up with them.

My sweet Katie. Mom took this picture while she was 
watching Katie outside the hospital while I visited Leah.

 By the end of our trip, I definitely felt pregnant. I got really nauseous yesterday at the airport and resorted to eating some of Katie's teething biscuits to calm my stomach. Then, I proceeded to walk the length of the terminal at the airport several times deciding what to get for lunch during our layover. My sandwich and fruit were $13--it was hard for my frugal self to fork over that kind of money for food, but I really needed to eat lunch and that seemed the healthiest and most appealing option. The nausea and food aversions have surprised me this pregnancy since neither really hit me with Katie until 7 weeks. While it's somewhat unpleasant, I am enjoying the symptoms at the same time. They are a reminder of the sweet little one who's inside of me right now--what a joy!

I am planning to lay low this week and get my house back in shape after a week of being gone (Ben didn't make any major messes or anything--it's just in need of a wife/mama's touch, I guess). This may prove to be more of a challenge than usual, and will have to be done between resting, snacking, and drinking water (with being pregnant AND breastfeeding, I have been feeling kind of like a camel lately with the amount of water I've been drinking!). I might pop in sometime later this week, but otherwise, I'll "see" y'all next week.


  1. I am happy to hear that you got home safely!

  2. We miss you, and Katie already, but we know you are in safe hands with Ben:) God Bless you. Love, Mom