Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Grandma

There is another mother in my life who deserves recognition and honor--my Grandmother. My Dad's Mom has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first few years of my life were spent living just down the road from her, and included countless hours spent at her house. Once we moved out of state, visits to Grandma's house were(and still are) such a wonderful treat. Many precious memories have been made at her house at the top of the hill.

My Grandma is not only loving, kind, thoughtful,and an amazing cook--who always goes out of her way to make our favorites when we visit. She's a godly woman; in fact, she's the first person who introduced me to the wonderous truths of the gospel, and though I don't believe I was genuinely converted until my early teenage years, I know her influence on me was a huge part of what the Lord graciously used to draw me, as well as my parents, to Himself.

I remember talking with Grandma before Ben and I were married about all our plans and dreams, and she said to me she hoped she was still around to see some of the children we were hoping to have. I am so glad she is, and truly, seeing my Grandma with my sweet baby girl brings me unspeakable joy--and living closer to her is one reason I'm so thankful to live where we do. I and my children have every reason to be eternally grateful to the Lord for my Grandma. In fact, when Ben and I found out our first child was due right on her 80th birthday, there was almost no discussion about what girl name would be best. And since she is a girl, our sweet daughter bears my Grandma's name--Katie Lee. If our sweet Katie turns out to be a godly woman of her Grandma Katie's caliber, we will know we did our job, by God's grace. Her name gives her quite the legacy to live up to.

As I've gotten older, my Grandma has gone from being just Grandma (and all the wonderful things that accompany such a well beloved phrase!) to being one of my dearest friends, and a godly woman I have enormous respect for. To her, her influence may not seem very far reaching, but when our whole extended family is together and I look around at all the people there who love the Lord, it's amazing to think that most of them were influenced by her on behalf of the gospel--and our dear family, should the Lord tarry, represents many thousands in generations to come who will, by God's grace, faithfully serve Christ, in part because the Lord was kind enough to make us Grandma's descendents.

Even though it's a couple days after Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day, Grandma. I love you, and am more thankful for you than I can begin to say.

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  1. What a beautiful bond you have with your grandmother. You are so blessed. Love. Mom