Sunday, June 20, 2010

A godly father

My dad became a follower of Christ just after I turned 10. Before he was a genuine believer, I never thought of him as a bad dad. He always provided for our family, he was generous, he went out of his way to do special things with me, and loved my mom.  Nevertheless, the change when Christ called him was quite dramatic. And, I am so thankful for the godly man my father is today.

Dad and me on my wedding day
It wasn't until I "grew up" that I realized what an amazing gift from God my godly father is. I look at so many people in my generation who, if they have grown up with a dad at all, haven't grown up with a godly one. All too often, their lives seriously lack direction, partly because no one worked to engrain the Word of God upon their hearts. They walk around aimlessly, not knowing the importance of making their decisions and prioritizing their lives based on the Scriptures. The gift of a life grounded on the gospel is far greater than a brand new car, a fancy vacation, or designer jeans. And that was the greatest gift my dad ever gave to me.

Dad with Katie last summer
When I look at my own sweet daughter and think of the new little one we'll be meeting at the end of this year, I could not be more thankful for their godly father who will impart the same wonderful gift of a Christ-centered life to them from an even earlier age. An added blessing in having a godly father is knowing what to look for in a husband, and I sure did get a good one!

Ben, reading a theology book to Katie when she was just a few days old!
A father has the ability to make or break his children's lives with his influence. His role has a generational impact...because I was blessed with a godly father, and my children are blessed with a godly father, by the grace of God, many generations to come will grow up to serve Christ.

So, to both of the amazing, godly fathers in my life, a very happy Father's Day! I couldn't be more thankful for either of you and I love you both so much!

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