Thursday, July 8, 2010

Checking your receipt is worth your time!

Last week when I did my grocery shopping, the total was quite a bit more than I was expecting it to be. Since I don't use a calculator when I shop (though that's definitely not a bad idea!), I figured I had just not kept good track and mentally kicked myself as I handed over my debit card (one good reason to shop with cash--you *can't* overspend!). 

Upon checking my receipt trying to figure out where I went wrong, I noticed a couple items that didn't ring up at the sale price I was expecting. I took my receipt to customer service to get back what I thought would just be about $6 or $7. I was shocked when the lady at the customer service desk told me my store card hadn't scanned properly, so NONE of the items I bought that were on sale rang up at the right prices. She refunded me over $20, bringing me just about back to what I was planning to spend!

I am so glad I looked over the receipt and went to customer service. Those extra 5 minutes saved significantly more than I was even expecting them to--about the equivalent of over a quarter of our weekly grocery budget!

Do you take the time to check your receipts when you go shopping, or do you trust that everything rang up fine and move on?

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  1. I definitely check! I've had things not ring up correctly before and I can't afford mistakes like that!

  2. I watch the amount that comes up as things are scanned so I can fix the mistakes right away

  3. I live in Ontario. At most grocery stores here, when an item rings up at the wrong price, you get the item free. I was behind a younger girl once who was waiting while the cashier checked if her item had rung up correctly. I told her about the scanning policy, and she got her Venus razors free. She was so glad I told her, because unless you read the small print on a sticker at the cash, they don't go out of their way to tell you. I have gotten a few free things because of scanning errors. Not sure about the U.S, but most grocery and drug stores in Canada do this.