Friday, July 30, 2010

A few easy ways to earn a little extra

My husband is self-employed, and we are working towards growing his business. While we have steady income from his work, and I also work a couple hours per day from home (for my parents, who own a business in Florida), we stick to a pretty tight budget. However, over the last couple years, I have found a few simple ways on-line to add a little bit here and there. I have traded points on My Points for a few restaurant gift cards over the past year. They have gift cards for just about any store you can imagine though, not only restaurants. The main way I earn points is by clicking through links in e-mails they send--usually a handful every day. The points add up kind of slowly, but it only takes a few seconds of my time for each e-mail, and when we get to go out to a nice dinner together for free, it makes it totally worth the wait! If you choose, they also send surveys out that you can do which earn you a lot more points than just clicking through e-mails.

::Swagbucks. Recently, I have started doing all my internet searches through Swagbucks instead of other search engines. Randomly throughout the day, I get awarded swagbucks for searches. The points can be exchanged for gift cards or other merchandise--my favorite way to use them is for $5 Amazon gift cards. One of these costs 450 swagbucks, and you can get just about anything from Amazon. You also get points when you refer friends (so, if you sign up through my link, I'd be most appreciative!). Swagbucks also recently added a paid survey section to their site, and you earn pretty generous amounts of swagbucks for doing their surveys.

::Paid Surveys. This is something I was introduced to several years ago by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. Many marketing research companies will pay you to take surveys about products. You definitely won't get rich doing this, but if you need some extra money and have the time, it is a nice way to add a few dollars here and there to your pocket change. Occasionally, you get to try out nice products before they even hit the markets, too. My favorite survey company is PineCone Research, but they are not accepting applications right now. Two other companies I have been paid by are American Consumer Panel and Toluna. Recently, I signed up with some of the other companies listed on this post, but haven't actually received a check from any of them yet.

Have y'all tried any of these things out? Did they work for you?

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