Friday, July 2, 2010

Stomach Bug Blessings

Last Tuesday night while we were in Florida, Katie got her very first stomach bug. Besides spitting up as an infant, she had never thrown up before. It started in the car on the way home from the grocery store about 8 o’clock. The first time, I thought maybe she had caused herself to throw up because she was flipping out while I tried to get daddy on the phone for her (I made the mistake of asking if she wanted to talk to him BEFORE I was actually had him on the phone). So, we got home and I got her bathed and in her PJs, and after a snack and another chat with daddy, I put her down for the night. A little while later she was crying, so I went to check on her, and as it turned out, she had thrown up and fallen asleep in it. Ugh—my poor baby!  In any case, after that happened, I was not going to put her back to bed by herself. After another throwing up episode, I flipped out (what can I say? I’m a new mom) and begged mom to call a friend from church who was a pediatric nurse. Never mind it was after 11. Ahem. But, Karen called back, gave us advice, and calmed this mama down quite a bit. How sweet is that? She got out of bed and called us even though it was after 11.

We covered the sofa up with towels. Katie slept on my chest, and woke up to throw up throughout the night. Mom helped us get settled in, and then I looked over and she was settling herself in on the love seat across from our sofa in case I needed her during the night. She proceeded to get up during the night every time Katie threw up to bring us a wet cloth to clean up with and changed out the towels protecting the sofa. Can you believe that? My mom is really amazing, and still just as nurturing as she was when I was a little kid.

Thankfully, the stomach bug was over for Katie early Wednesday morning. It didn’t really occur to me that I might get sick. I guess I had a notion that moms don’t get sick from their children (ha!). We arrived home late Thursday night, and almost as soon as I woke up, I learned how wrong that notion was and spent the rest of the day throwing up. My sweet hubby waited on me hand and foot all day. I pretty much spent the entire day in bed. He watched Katie all day, and even changed all her diapers. While she was napping he went out and picked up some groceries and rented a couple movies (ones he knew I’d like). Then, when I threw up all over our bedroom carpet late Friday night, he cleaned it all up. I didn’t ask him to do any of what he did—he just did it. What a wonderful, godly man I am married to. Poor Ben came down with the yucky virus on Sunday night.

I was thinking about how miserable it was when my sweet Katie was sick, and then when I got sick and I couldn’t help but think how much worse it would have been if I had been on my own! A mom who stays up with me all night and helps clean up my baby’s throw up and a husband who cleans up my throw up? They are both amazing gifts from God, and truly finer things.


  1. I have been following your blog for many months, and I so enjoy hearing a young mom go through all the struggles I did at the same age. I was 20 when my first son was born and I truly had no experience whatsoever! Twelve years later I have 7 children and I have learned a lot but also feel like I have so much to learn in a hurry before I screw them up and they leave home never to return.
    I have two special needs kids whose needs have contributed to much throwing up over the years. You are blessed with a hubby who can help! I had to clean up after my hubby when he changed a diaper while I gave birth to #4. May I suggest a bowl to keep beside you if you can't make it to the toilet. By age 3 1/2 to 4 I have found that children can learn to use one too if kept beside them. This avoids much clean up. Congratulations on baby #2. You are a blessed family.

  2. Oh, I was just commenting to one of my pastors (who just had stomach bug last week), I'd rather have diarrhea for a year than vomit ONCE. I hate throwing up. And a stomach bug while you're pregnant is especially miserable. Your husband and mom were so sweet to help you like they did. I did it every time I was pregnant - I was 32 weeks pregnant the last time I had it and that was really NO FUN - the baby fought back every time I threw up. Ugh!!
    I agree with Samantha. Get a bowl to keep by the bed. We line ours with a paper towel, a WalMart/Target/whatever plastic bag, another paper towel, another bag, etc. If the kids can't make it to the bathroom, they grab the bowl then we tie up the bag and throw it out, leaving the next lined bag ready in the bowl. Even my two-year-old has figured out the "puke bowl". :)
    Chances are pretty high that if a child gets it, Momma will, too, even with lots of hand washing. Stomach bugs are particularly nasty that way.