Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timesaving Tip: Click Unsubscribe

Am I the only one who gets several e-mails everyday that I don't care to read? Over the years, I've submitted my e-mail address for various coupons and deals, among other things, with no actual interest in receiving ongoing emails. Usually, I just delete them and move on, but now we live in the country and have dial-up and deleting e-mails takes longer than it once did. Plus, who wants unnecessary clutter in their in-box?

Last week, I finally decided to make a point of unsubscribing from everything that comes in that I'm not interested in before I delete it. My in-box is already less cluttery, and it only takes a little bit of time to scroll to the bottom of the e-mail and click "unsubscribe."

Less clutter in my in-box and less time spent deleting unwanted e-mails definitely works for me! What do y'all do to keep unwanted e-mails from ever reaching your in-box?


  1. I keep telling myself that I need to do the same thing...but I haven't actually taken the time yet to hit "unsubscribe" on those unwanted emails.

  2. I have started doing the same thing! I do it as emails come in that I don't want. One day like a month ago, I thought, "This is so annoying to get all of these emails!" Then, I realized I could just unsubscribe, haha. It's been great!

  3. I need to do this. I have a seperate email account for stuff like this, but I still check it daily. I just delete them as they come in, but it's a waste of time.

  4. I try to do a few at at time. I'll tell you an easy way to separate these: type "Unsubscribe" into your search box. Then all the e-mails with that word in them will come up, and you can sort through them more easily.