Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change in perspective

This morning, after getting frustrated about not being able to find someone to go walking with, I let my discontentment turn into a pity party about the fact that I serve people all day long every single day with very few breaks and nothing in return (not an entirely accurate picture I was painting in my irrational mind!). I was pouting to myself as I did my morning chores. There was music in the background, and part of me was trying to ignore it because I knew the words would be convicting, and the other part of me couldn't help but listen, and I was humbled.

The words caused me to think about how Christ died for His children knowing ahead of time all the horrible sins we'd commit against Him, all the times we'd carelessly violate His Law and think absolutely nothing of it--in effect spitting in His face, despite what He has graciously done for us. He humbled Himself to the point of a gruesome death on the cross out of His love for us. And there I was, pouting about people not recognizing all I do.

Sure, I spend a lot of my day doing things for other people, and perhaps some days it does end up getting overlooked. And so what? Ultimately, I do what I do because I love my family and love serving them, and this is what God has called me to. Doing it for His glory is what counts.

As Paul wrote in Romans 12, if we live every moment of our lives as a sacrifice to Christ, we are only doing what is reasonable and expected of us. We don't deserve commendation and applause when we do the bare minimum--and we don't even do the bare minimum, ever. Despite the fact that I am worthy of no recognition, I have the love and grace of the Almighty King, and the promise of eternity with Him when this life is over. And in this life, I have more blessings than I could even imagine.

It's amazing how conforming your thoughts and emotions to the truths found in God's Word can so radically change your perspective, isn't it? God has truly been so good to us!

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