Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update, 28 Weeks

Yesterday, at exactly 28 weeks

I simply cannot believe we are due to meet our sweet baby boy in just under twelve weeks! I know it is going to fly right by, especially with the holidays, and he'll be in my arms before I know it. I am really looking forward to welcoming Benjamin, Jr. into our family and having a sweet little newborn again (and here's hoping he's as good of a sleeper as his big sister was!).

We had a check-up with our midwife today and everything seems to be going great. My blood pressure had already started going up at this point in my pregnancy with Katie, and so far, it seems just fine this time around. She checked my hemoglobin and glucose and those were both good as well. And, Baby Boy is in the right position with his head pretty far down, but we know he could still wiggle into a different position before he gets head down permanently.

Aside from getting up every night to go to the bathroom (which didn't happen when I was expecting Katie) and the occasional leg cramp, I haven't really been experiencing a lot of the typical discomforts that accompany this stage of pregnancy. I do find I need to take it easier than I do when I'm not pregnant. If I don't, my back and feet are pretty achy by the end of the day.

I've only gained 8 pounds this pregnancy, bringing me almost up to what I weighed when I got pregnant, since I lost 10 pounds during my first trimester. Since Baby Benjamin appears to be growing just fine and I'm feeling good, we're comfortable with the lack of weight gain. I'm thankful that I won't have a ton of extra weight to lose after he makes his appearance, since I had a bit left from my pregnancy with Katie when this one started out.

I've been trying to go walking 4-6 times every week. When my Mother-in-Law joins me and pushes the stroller, we are able to go a little over two miles, but when I go by myself I only end up going about a mile and a half before I get a little uncomfortable--I guess pushing the stroller adds some extra strain to my muscles. Who would've known?

I'm so thankful to the Lord for keeping both Baby and me healthy for these 28 weeks we've been together, and look forward to meeting this boy soon! How are you other pregnant mamas doing?


  1. Oh, you look wonderful, Mrs. Mary Jo! I look forward to seeing pictures of your sweet baby boy once he is born! :)

    Many Blessings,

  2. You look great! I have about 4 weeks to go, and I'm ready. Pretty much uncomfortable 24/7. ;) Big brother is all excited about his "Sis Sis" though, it's so fun!

  3. Looks like you're doing great! I'll be 28 weeks this Friday! Can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by!!

  4. I'm about 3 months along with our 3rd, and I'm hoping the morning sickness starts to subside soon :D

    You look beautiful in your picture!!