Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

Katie and I have already been back home for a week! The time has really flown. It has been nice to return to a somewhat normal routine, though Katie was still not feeling well for a few days of this week, so it wasn't completely normal. She needed her mama a lot more than usual!

As you may have noticed, blogging definitely got the back burner this week. Thank you all for sticking it out and being patient with me. I'm setting aside nap-time today to get some posts ready for y'all for next week. You can keep an eye out for the next installment in the On Coming Home series, a fun giveaway, and a few other posts. 

It's amazing how much effort it takes to get back into the swing of all my household 'stuff' after being gone for so long. I dragged my feet a little more than usual this week, but I think I'll be ready to go when next week rolls around. PLUS, we're getting our dryer fixed today. The thought of doing laundry and actually being able to use the dryer instead of hanging everything just about makes me giddy. Ha!

It has started to get pretty chilly here. In fact, last night I think we had our first freeze. We are really thankful for our wood stove. Ben fired it up this week for the first time this season, and I think it'll get plenty of use over the coming months. We do have central heat, but if we used it, our electric bill would be over double what our rent is for a month!

I reckon that's enough rambling for one Saturday. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend with your families!

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