Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Menu Plan, October 18-24

Katie and I arrived home on Friday morning. I was amazed at how COLD it was (in the 40s!). We had a really nice trip visiting my sister-in-law and then my parents, but Katie came down with some bug Wednesday night before we left, and has kept me pretty busy until today when she seems to be {mostly} back to her normal, sweet self! It is soooo nice to be home--that was definitely the longest Ben and I have been apart since we've been married, and I don't think I'll ever go away that long again if I can help it!

In addition to being very, very {did I mention I missed Ben a lot?!} glad to see Ben, it is nice to be back in my kitchen as well. Here's what's on our meal plan this week. Sorry it's a day late--Katie still wasn't feeling well yesterday and just needed her mama!

Breakfasts: scrambled eggs with sausage and grits (we've been eating this just about every day--it's healthy, cheap and filling enough to keep a very pregnant mama out of the kitchen for a couple hours...ha!)

Lunches: Chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, leftovers, snacks

Monday~Spaghetti Pie, fried apples (we were supposed to have salad as well, but I didn't make it to Kroger 'til after dinner!)
Tuesday~dinner at the farm (a family friend is coming into town)
Wednesday~BBQ Chicken Sandwiches on homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies
Thursday~Chili, Cornbread
Saturday~Homemade Pizza, salad
Sunday~dinner at the farm

What are y'all fixin' this week? For meal planning inspiration, be sure to check out OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday every week!

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  1. Love the cornbread recipe - I'll def be trying that!