Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Goals: January

I know most people do these posts at the beginning of January, but I was pretty preoccupied  with a certain 4-day-old boy on New Year's Day, so I figure it's better late than never. So, here are my goals for this year. They're all very doable and not overly ambitious--which I think is important for this season of life.

::Read through the Bible. This means about 3 chapters every day, which I'm trying to do when Benjamin wakes up for his early morning feeding around 5:30 or 6. So far, I'm all caught up and approaching the end of Exodus. I'm following the daily readings in the Motivated Moms planner.

::Review previously memorized Scriptures. Over the past several years, I've memorized Matthew 5-7, Proverbs 31:10-31, Psalm 51, Titus, James, and most recently, Philippians. Unfortunately, I don't know most of them anymore. This year instead of trying to do a big, new memorization project, I'm going to start with re-memorizing the passages I've already memorized. I have Philippians down pretty well and have started working through Matthew 5 again.

::Get back to my pre-Katie weight. Thankfully, the 20 pounds I gained this pregnancy are all gone as of this week (!). Unfortunately, I'm still hanging onto about 25 pounds that I gained when I was pregnant with Katie. I had hoped to lose those in 2010, but then Benjamin came along and changed my plans! Once I get the OK after my 6-week check-up, I'm planning to begin exercising again. I'm hoping that between eating our normal healthy food, breastfeeding this little porker, and exercising, I won't need to "go on a diet" to lose the weight, but I guess we'll see.

::Start an emergency fund and pay off our debt. Thankfully, this should be accomplished within a couple weeks--much sooner than we expected, thanks in part to our tax return! *happy dance*

::Potty train Katie. Since she'll be approaching 3 by year's end, I really, really hope we can accomplish this! Do you seasoned mommies have any tips? I got her to use the potty a few times before Benjamin was born, and the last time she went #2 in the potty, it really bothered her to see it in the potty and she has been very resistant to the whole idea since then.

::Work school into my schedule again. I would like to finish 6 classes this year (2 are almost done--I just need to write the final papers) which would complete my freshman credits, but I'm not sure if this is realistic or not. I'll have to see how things go once we get into more of a routine. However, I would like to be able to spend time on classes at least a few times per week.

What are your goals for this year? Do you have plans in place to make them happen?

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