Monday, January 31, 2011

$6 for a box of gently used children's clothes

I don't usually post much about deals, but one from DealPulp caught my attention today enough to actually buy it. They are running a deal for a website called thredUP.

The idea behind this website is swapping children's clothes. When you sign up with thredUP, you can pay $5 + shipping for a box of gently used clothes. You select the size and gender, and you choose the box yourself from a list. Most members describe the contents of the box so you can have a pretty good idea what you're getting. Once you choose a box, you are supposed to list one.

With today's deal, you can try out thredUP for just $6 including shipping. Normally, buying a box of clothes without swapping is $15.95, so this is really a great deal! The promo code you receive will be good for one year. Katie needs some clothes (particularly pants), so I'm excited to give this a try!

How do y'all get clothes for your children without breaking the bank?

Disclosure: DealPulp has an affiliate program and if you order through my link, I'll receive a small compensation. I wouldn't share this with you unless I thought it was something worth looking into though. :)

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  1. hey thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and ordered through you!