Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few pictures

Benjamin at an hour and a half old

Meeting her baby brother for the first time

I sure do love my babies <3

our family and my parents

My midwife gave us this onesie--so thankful for our homebirth!
Ben, Benjamin Jr., Ben's Dad, and Ben's Grandfather--four generations of Murch men


  1. I have never birthed a child and I am just curious as to why so many people are choosing home births now. I imagine it's nice to be in a familiar setting, but I was wondering if you could fill me in. :) Your baby boy is a doll!

  2. What a beautiful baby!! And big girl! :)

  3. YAY for pictures!!! so glad you are doing well. you should do a post about Katie meeting Benjamin. I'm excited to see how my daughter responds to a new baby! Bless you Mary Jo.

  4. What a sweet family you have! Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  5. Benjamin is so cute! Congratulations!