Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who is really sovereign?

Below is an excerpt from a post over at Reformed Inquisitor entitled The Little Bit of Sovereignty We Keep for Ourselves. I thought the post was very well done and thought provoking (and it happens to be written by my husband!).
Calvinists are a zealous bunch. We are diligent in the perusals of deep theological truths. We delight in the logical soundness of the five points. We are quick to refute the gainsayers. We love our books. We love our knowledge. Books line the walls. We have Calvin’s Institutes on our nightstand, Augustine’s City of God in our restroom.

Yet, like the man who missed the forest for the trees, it seems as though often times we miss the absolute sovereignty of God for God’s sovereignty in one area — soteriology. We so frequently forget simple truths (or forget to apply them), namely, God is sovereign and we are not. We have our heads so far up the TULIP stem that we neglect to apply the doctrine of the sovereignty of God to every area of our lives.

But let us not forget; God is not only sovereign in salvation, but over you and me — He is sovereign over the totality of our lives. We have recognized God as the sovereign over spiritual things (election) , but have we forgotten that God is also sovereign over material things (for the earth is the Lord‘s and the fullness thereof).
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