Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Katie-isms: She can really talk.

Miss Katie, You are really beginning to talk up a storm. Some days, I wish I could write down every single thing you say. But I can't, so here's a little sampling of your recent vocal antics. You've become a bit sassy, something Mommy and Daddy are going to need to train out of you. I hope one day your strong personality can be harnessed and used for the glory of God.

Love you (& can't imagine which relative you inherited your chattiness from ;)!
Your Mommy

"Hey! Don't talk to me 'yike dat.'" {Said in response to my telling her to get off of the dishwasher door.}

"No, Mommy. I da boss." {I was explaining to her that she couldn't boss me around because I'm her boss.}

"Hey! I have an idea." {while we were building a block tower}

"Okay, okay. I dooey ("do it"). Gosh!" {when I told her to pick up a mess she made}

"I 'yooove' Daddy." {while talking about Daddy while he was away at work}

"Benjamin, say 'Dah-doo' (thank you). Say 'Dah-doo, Mommmy!'" {when I gave Benjamin a toy}

"Benjamin, say 'bye-bye, Daddy!'" {When Daddy left for work}

"Yah-yah (Elijah), open door pease! Yah-yah! Hey, where Yah-yah 'doe' (go)? Oh, gosh." {Waiting for Uncle Elijah to open a door for her}

"Mommy, read 'a-nuvvy' one, pease?" {Asking me to read another book}

"Mommy, sing 'Dod made me' pease!" {Catechism CDs are her favorite! :) }

What are your toddlers up to these days? How have y'all dealt with sassiness from 2 year olds?

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  1. These brought a smile to my day. What precious memories. Thanks!