Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Reading, May 7

My house is in need of a little a ton of TLC and we're taking the Murchlings for a picnic in the park this afternoon before the children from the home school co-op at our church have their Spring concert, so it's a busy (and fun!) day ahead. Since I'm strapped for time and there are so many great bloggers who wrote some excellent stuff this week, I'm going to leave you with some links to enjoy!

::For the Mother who fears Failure ~ Such a well-written and encouraging article that really hit the spot for this mama's heart.

::If Not Now, When? ~  An installment in Amy's "Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?" series about knowing when to start a family. We became convinced before our wedding that, barring any major health issues for me, we'd just have as many little ones as the Lord would give us. Katie was 10 weeks old on our first anniversary, I was 10 weeks pregnant with Benjamin on our second anniversary, and we wouldn't change a thing! I have enjoyed reading the comments on this post.

::Thoughts on Natural & Modern Medicine ~ A great post by Myra that really resonates with me. In general, we try to avoid unnatural interventions, but I sure am thankful they're there when they're actually necessary!

::Zesty Mini Meatloaves ~ This recipe looks really yummy, and so simple!

What good reads have y'all found this week?

Have a happy Saturday!

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