Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Benjamin, 5 Months

 I'm amazed that my little guy is five months old! Has it really been almost half a year since I first held him in my arms? Benjamin is such a darling baby. He brings so much joy into our family and I am so thankful to be his mama.

Here's some of what he's been up to lately:

::He's still a really easy, laid back baby. He's almost always content and really hardly ever cries.

::He's not sleeping through the night. He had started sleeping 6-7 hours for a week or two but is back to less than 6, often waking up every 4 hours or so through the night. I think he might actually be waking up because he's hungry. I was hoping to exclusively breastfeed for a full six months, but I may end up starting him on solids a little sooner if he keeps waking up for nighttime feeds to see if that helps. I gave him a little taste of banana yesterday. Before he nursed he was thrilled with it, and after his breast milk he looked totally disgusted when I gave him a little more.

::He takes 2-3 naps during the day, and pretty much always goes down without a fuss at all (yay!).

::At present, he's sleeping in the pack-n-play which we have set up in our (really huge but not often used) master bathroom, because I don't want him to be in the room with Katie until he's sleeping longer stretches.

::He wears mostly 3-6 month size clothes, though he's starting to wear more 6-9 month clothes. He's a size 2 in disposable diapers, though we hardly ever use them for him (one small box has lasted us over 3 months. yay!).

::He's been working on a tooth for what seems like forever but it still hasn't come in.

::A week or so ago, he finally figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back, so he can now roll both ways. He's actually rolled himself halfway across the living room! It's so funny to me, as Katie never used rolling as a mode of transportation. He holds himself up with his hands, but doesn't get up on his knees yet, so I don't think he'll be crawling anytime real soon, though he does try to scoot on his belly some.

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