Friday, June 3, 2011

Three years of motherhood

Three years ago today, I didn't know it yet, but my journey into motherhood began as the Lord opened my womb for the first time and my sweet Katie came to be.

It's been a wondrous, amazing, blessed three years.

Three years of growing and nurturing new life--in my womb, at my breast, or both.

Three years of sleepless nights.

Three years of growing in patience and selflessness (mostly not by choice!).

Three years of learning even more my complete and utter need for the sustaining grace of a merciful Lord.

Three years of watching precious babes grow, first in my belly and then my arms.

In three years my belly has swelled twice, filled with new life. But these last three years, my heart has swelled so. much. more.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful; it gave me chills :). I have one daughter that's almost two and fervently praying for another. This was a wonderful tribute to your children - they are so blessed to have you as a mother, who apprieciates them this much.