Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My home management system, pt. 5: Rising Early

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Rising early does not come naturally to me. However, as a teenager I realized that I was much more productive early in the morning than I am late at night and made a habit of rising early.

These days, I love being able to do my devotions, work out, and/or get in a lecture or some college reading done before the craziness of the day ensues. Because, let's face it--after chasing babies all day, all I want to do is veg once they're down for the night. I just end my vegging earlier and make myself go to sleep so I can have that time in the morning.

The last month or so, my little man finally decided to start sleeping nine or ten hours straight instead of waking me up every three or four hours to nurse. I am so so thankful for this change and since I've been getting more sleep I have been able to start rising early again. It makes such a big difference in my days, and I definitely can't accomplish everything I like to without those extra two or three hours in the morning. 

Have you ever tried to make a habit of rising early? I have found making use of the early morning hours to be very rewarding. I would highly encourage each of you to give it a try! A tip: before you give up, set your alarm for about the same time for at least full week and you'll probably find it gets much easier after a couple days.

In seasons of life when you're not getting quality sleep (right after you have a baby) or when you need a ton of sleep in early pregnancy, rising too early is probably not wise. These are seasons for minimizing your to-do list and giving yourself much grace! Sleep is so essential for your overall health (and your productivity while you are awake) that you shouldn't ever neglect it unless it's absolutely necessary.

Do you get up early? Lately, I've been shooting for being up and going before 6 each morning. How about y'all?

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  1. I'd love to be up before 6 every morning. I love havng the quiet wee-hours in the morning to rise, butttt it just never seems to happen. I can never seem to get up early enough. I don't hear the alarm clock and I sleep right on through. :( The only thing that wakes me is Miss Liya, and she's not up till 8a. :l

  2. You know this mama is always up early:) Sometimes I wish I could sleep in. But after 6 or 6.5 hours of sleep, I'm up!

  3. Nicole, maybe you could put your phone on vibrate and set the alarm and put it in your pocket. Might wake you up even if a loud alarm doesn't!