Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A peek into my grocery cart, week 1

I intended to take a picture of my groceries yesterday after I came home from the store, but I just didn't get around to it. However, since several of you said you were interested in seeing exactly what we buy I wanted to go ahead and give you a breakdown of my purchases this week.

5.8lbs of organic bananas~$3.77
0.81lbs of locally grown green beans~$0.81
Package of 3 organic romain hearts~$2.99
1 conventional seedless watermelon~$4.99
2 conventional cantaloupes~$3.34
1 organic cucumber~$1.59
3lbs. organic russet potatoes ~ $2.49

2 half-gallons of hormone/antibiotic free, whole, non-homogenized milk~$5.98
2 dozen hormone/antibiotic free, "cage free" eggs~$3.98 (I usually buy farm-fresh eggs for $2.25/doz. but I wasn't able to get to the produce stand, so I settled for these this week)
32oz. container of organic, whole milk yogurt ~ $3.49

Dry/canned foods:
Kettle Potato Chips, Sea Salt variety (large bag)~$3.00
Sliced almonds ~ $4.69
64oz. bottle organic apple juice~$3.69 (We don't usually drink much juice. I bought this for a recipe.)
15oz. can of organic tomato sauce~$1.99
28oz. can of organic, fire roasted crushed tomatoes~$2.99

1lb. additive free bulk sausage~$3.00

12 pack of double roll toilet paper~$5.49

Including tax my total was right around $64.00. Our current budget is $100/week or less. It does vary by week based on our irregular income. I have some cash left over from this week that I am planning to put towards a meat purchase from a local farm next week.


  1. Does this include all the bulk you purchase for the week in meat and such, or just a grocery run? =)

  2. Nicole, I didn't make any bulk purchases last week--just did a grocery store run. I should be making some bulk purchases this coming week (meat & organic corn for grinding into corn meal. :)