Thursday, August 18, 2011

This week's groceries: Kroger, Walmart, & Auburnlea Farms

We ate from the pantry for the first half of the week this week, but by last night things were looking pretty bare so we headed into town to pick up some groceries, and today I put in an order at my favorite local farm. They raise grass-fed beef, chicken, and turkeys and also sell bulk pantry goods at fabulous prices.

Here's a run-down of our purchases for this week.

I figured a poor quality picture was better than none. Benjamin was flipping out, so I had to HURRY! :)

Dry foods:
Mom's Best Frosted shredded wheat cereal (for Ben)~$2
6 8oz. packages Kerrygold Butter, reduced for quick sale to $2.99 each~$14.95
2 pints organic half and half, reduced for quick sale to $1.35 each~$2.70
8oz. Kroger cheese~$1.99
32oz. container of organic whole milk yogurt~$3.59
1/2 gallon of local, hormone/antiobiotic free, non-homogenized whole milk~$2.99
2 dozen cage free eggs for $1.99 each~$3.98

3lbs. organic russet potatoes~$3.49
Seedless watermelon~$4.99
6.72lbs organic bananas~$4.30

Diapers for Katie (she wears a disposable at night)~$6.21
Spiral notebook~$0.15
Notebook paper~$0.75

Breyer's chocolate ice cream (this is a delicious, less bad compromise food)~$2.99 (it's $6.29 at Kroger!)

(not pictured above, because it hasn't been delivered yet)
5lbs. ground beef @ $4.50/lb~$22.50
1lb. cocoa powder~$5.50
5lb. organic corn for grinding ($0.80/lb)-$4.00
5lb. rye for grinding ($1.20/lb)~$6
10lb. non-gmo soft white wheat for grinding ($0.55/lb)~$5.50

Our total for the week was just over $100, and I had $55 left from last week, so we're definitely under budget for the month so far. :)

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  1. I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it! I enjoy reading all the little technical details of other SAHM's lives such as grocery spending and other expenses. I look forward to reading more in the future!