Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Plan, September 12-18

We had a nice time visiting with family for the second part of the week last week. We left Grandma's house way too early Sunday morning to get Dad to the airport on time, and then headed to church (we got there 15 minutes before the service started, which definitely felt like a success!).

Pretty exhausted from the trip, I slept in this morning (thanks to my sweet husband!) and we ate simply today, including hot dogs for dinner. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow (and perhaps I'll get through the pile of dishes waiting for me in the kitchen!). I did take some time today to overhaul my coupon binder after a couple months of allowing it to collect dust, and I had a pretty successful grocery trip that I'll share more about tomorrow!

I got two bushels of low-spray apples from an orchard near Grandma's house for about $0.35/lb, so I'm excited to delve into canning for the first time. Any tips for a newbie?

Here's what I have planned for our meals this week:

Soaked apple cinnamon muffins, scrambled eggs
Oatmeal pancakes with apple topping
Soaked baked oatmeal  (probably with apples!)

Smoothies (yogurt and fruit, or peanut butter)

Hot dogs (all beef; nitrite/nitrate/by-product free), grapes, potato chips
Braised rosemary chicken and potatoes in the crock pot (new recipe), green beans, salad
Marinated chicken over brown rice, green beans, salad
Baked spaghetti, salad, green beans, rolls

What are y'all fixing this week?

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