Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My home management system, pt. 7: Remember the goal

We have come to the final post in this little series on my home management system. So far, we've talked about:

::The Daily Docket
::Managing Weekly Chores
::Menu Planning
::Having a flexible routine
::Rising early
::Keeping up with laundry

Whenever we put our hand to a task, we should consider our motive for completing it. We shouldn't strive to maintain our homes for the sake of getting a Susie-homemaker award, but rather to glorify God.

Here are a few goals to consider when seeking to manage your home:

::Blessing your husband. Most likely if you are a full-time homemaker, it means your husband goes out every day and works hard to provide for your family. What type of atmosphere does he enjoy coming home to? If you know he'd love to come home to a hot meal on the table, but doesn't really care whether all the toys are picked up off the floor when he walks in, make his preferences your priority. Obviously, it's good to make dinner and have the floor picked up, but sometimes we can't do everything and must prioritize. You honor God when you seek to honor your husband.

::Creating an atmosphere conducive to teaching your children. I don't know about you, but when our house is really messy, I have a hard time focusing on anything. The mess is a distraction for me, and I'm sure it can be for children as well. Keeping an organized, clean home will provide a calm, distraction-free atmosphere for training your children--and they are more likely to maintain orderly homes as adults if you teach them the necessary skills when they're young. As a mother, the training of your children is one of the main works God has called you to, and creating the best atmosphere you can for them is glorifying to God.

::Showing hospitality. Biblically, hospitality is not optional. Maintaining an orderly home not only makes you more likely to invite people over (I know I'm not the only one who stresses about the mess when we're expecting company!), but your home will be a much more inviting place if it's not a wreck. Creating a relaxing haven for your family and any guests who enter your home is an important reason to manage your home with excellence.

::Properly stewarding what God has provided. God has provided everything we have, and called us to be good stewards. Obviously, if we let our homes fall apart, we are not obeying that command. 

Despite all these, there are seasons of life when your home will be less-than-perfect. Right after your have a baby, the higher priority is clearly caring for your newborn and focusing on allowing your body to heal. If  your children or husband are sick, taking care of their immediate needs is more important than most housework. Early in pregnancy when you're exhausted all the time, you have to focus on resting up and growing a baby. During these seasons, it's important to use your time wisely and prioritize so at least the most important tasks get done (for example: washing the dishes or having clean laundry is a more immediate need than decluttering the whole house).

I hope y'all have found the posts in the series an encouragement to you in your homemaking endeavors. Maintaining an organized and orderly home is a noble goal for any homemaker to have. Just remember, having a clean home is a means to an end--not the end itself.

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