Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thawing baby food quickly without a microwave

I usually feed Benjamin a little bit of whatever we're eating for dinner (typically a cooked veggie), but occasionally when there's nothing to share with him, I take a couple cubes of homemade baby food out of the fridge. Obviously, it's ideal to think of this in the morning so they can thaw out. But, if you're like me, you won't always remember.

I wanted to share a quick tip with y'all for thawing out homemade baby food quickly without the microwave.
I have a set of small stainless steel prep. bowls that we received as a wedding gift. Last night, we had pizza braid and salad for dinner, so there wasn't anything to share with Benjamin. I put two baby food cubes in one of the small bowls, and placed the bowl in a pan of water on the stove. I let the water boil for a just few minutes, and it thawed the food out and warmed it up.

Easy, no extra clean-up, and no microwave. :)

Here's a photo. Sorry it's so blurry! There was steam coming up from the boiling water.

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  1. I've been using small glass pyrex bowls in simmering warm water. Could I follow your method using a glass bowl, or is it the stainless steel bowl that can withstand the boiling water?

  2. JJsMama, I'm not sure. I haven't tried it with glass, as I don't have any little glass bowls. I know some glass can withstand boiling (like canning jars), but I don't know if that's the case for all glass jars/bowls.

  3. Pyrex bowls should work in boiling water (they can be baked in the oven, after all!), but don't put a cold glass dish into hot water. Put the cold dish into cold water and then turn on the heat so the water and glass heat together. :)

    Great tip, Mary Jo! Thanks for sharing. :)