Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This week's grocery trip: Kroger

As I mentioned in this week's menu plan post, I took some time yesterday to overhaul my coupon binder, and I picked out the right week to take care of it!

Kroger's current Buy 10, get $5 off sale has several healthier (or perhaps, less unhealthy?) items that I was able to get at really good prices. I also got some great prices on dairy that was reduced for quick sale.

This may not appear to be a very balanced bunch of food, but please bear in mind we already had lots of items on hand (produce, dairy, meat, grains, etc.).

Here's a breakdown of what I purchased, along with applicable coupon links.

10 Item Sales Event
:: 4 bags (one isn't in the picture because it was already eaten at Ben's brothers' house last night) of Boulder Canyon Natural chips--$0.49/bag with this coupon
:: 1 package of Oscary Mayer Selects angus hot dogs--free with coupon (also eaten last night)
:: 2 boxes Barbara's Bakery natural cereal--$1.49/box with this coupon
:: 2 Prego pasta sauce--$0.99/jar with a coupon from the Sunday paper
:: 1 Marzetti Simply Dressed natural salad dressing -- $1.49 with coupon from the Sunday paper

Other Items:
:: Diapers for Katie--$4.99 with Kroger eCoupon
:: 2 packages Lifeway BioKefir -- $1.15/package using coupons from mambosprouts.com
:: 1lb. Gunnoe's Sage flavored country sausage (the only sausage at "my" Kroger without MSG!) -- $3.49
:: 1 pint organic half and half -- $1.79
:: 3 6oz. cups Stoneyfield Organic yogurt -- $0.50 for all three after a coupon from the Stoneyfield site
:: 6 oz. package sliced Muenster cheese -- reduced for $1.29
:: 3 1lb. packages fresh whole milk Mozzarella -- reduced to $1.90/lb. (this is a GREAT price for good quality Mozzarella!)
:: 32oz. container Stoneyfield Organic whole milk plain yogurt -- $2.59 after coupon from the Stoneyfield site
:: 2.09lbs grapes -- $2.05 (also eaten last night)

Do y'all use coupons? Did you get any great deals this week?

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  1. I miss going shopping with you MJ. In fact, I miss you. Love you, Mom