Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Healthier Homemaking in No Time: Intro

 Most moms want to provide a healthy environment for their children to grow up in. We want to be good stewards of all we have--our children, our homes, and our own bodies. But, with all the information available, it can be so hard to know where to start! If you're like me, the thought of adding something extra to your already overflowing plate is overwhelming. Most days, I do well to keep the baby from choking on all the things he shoves in his mouth, get some food made and the dishes cleaned before said food rots, do some laundry--and maybe take a shower.

Nevertheless, since I laid eyes on my first babe two and a half years ago, I've had a strong burden to give her (and now her brother, as well!) the healthiest start I can. And, over the course of time, I've found that (thankfully!) a lot of healthy changes really aren't hard to make at all.

During the next several weeks, I want to share with y'all simple changes you can make in your home that won't take you any extra time, but can have a great long-term impact on your family's health.

We'll talk about changes you can make in your cooking to remove harmful things from your family's diet, and also things you can do to give their nutrient intake a big boost. We'll also talk about changes you can make throughout your home to prevent your family from being exposed to many harmful (scary!) chemicals so often present in homes today--many of which most folks aren't even aware of! Some of these changes won't cost you a thing, while others will. Everything I'll be talking about are changes we have chosen to make because we think they're worth it. 

I hope y'all are inspired in your journey to healthier homemaking for the glory of God!

I'd love to hear from you! If any of you have questions or suggestions for this series, or would like to write a guest post, please contact me at maryjo at covenanthomemaking dot com.


  1. Sounds great! I'm excited to read the upcoming posts!

  2. I look forward to reading those posts! I'm new to the blog and missed the other posts you mentioned in this post. What header would I find those under?

  3. Anonymous: This was the first post in the series. I will create a "Healthier Homemaking" heading for the series. Hopefully the first real post will be up tonight or tomorrow morning!

  4. Hi my friend, Yes I'm eager to read more post and makes some simple but necessary changes! I look forward to it. Thanks for challenging us to improve our own and our kids health. miss ya much:-)