Friday, January 6, 2012

The bright side

When we were planning our 17 day trip to visit my parents and our friends in Florida I had grand visions of visiting with different friends every day of the trip, enjoying wonderful fellowship and catching up on all that's happened since we were here over a year ago.

Then Benjamin got sick. And then Katie got sick. Then Ben got sick. And, I lost my voice, so I guess that means I got sick too. And we're all still sick a full week later--unless everyone who was still sick last night wakes up feeling fabulous.

That means we've spent half of our trip (and still counting) being unable to visit with any friends. I had to miss church to stay home with sick babies. We've had to cancel at least two get-togethers. We're supposed to have dinner with friends tonight and go to a wedding on Saturday.  And, we may have to back out of those engagements too.

Thinking about it too much makes me sad. There are a lot of people here who we love and really wanted to catch up with, but we have to leave for home Monday whether we get to see them or not. And, I don't know when we'll be back.

But, I guess there is a bright side to it all. We're on vacation which means we can relax instead of trying to do too much while we're under the weather (or, relaxing and letting our house go completely to pot). Mom has been around to help with laundry, baths, and diaper changes. We've had lots of time to snuggle our babies and watch movies and read books and talk to eachother. And we've enjoyed a lot of really nice fellowship and yummy food at home with my parents.

Though our days haven't been filled with the activities I had initially planned, they have still been filled with finer things.

Sickness is never in the vacation plan. Have y'all ever been sick on vacation? What did you do to make the most of it?

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  1. Yes, we have been sick on vacaation. I remember we came to Florida when you were 2, and we visited the theme parks, taking tylenol the entire time. Not a very smart thing to do. I think some of the tickets had expiration dates on them and we had to use them while we were in Florida. On another occasion, when I went to Guatemala back in '79 to visit my dad for three weeks. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days with salmonella poisoning. That was about the worst vacation. At least I was better before my scheduled return flight.